About McCullough, Campbell, & Lane LLP

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McCullough, Campbell & Lane LLP was formed in 1987 by sixteen insurance and litigation partners from another Chicago firm. From the outset, the firm had a national rather than local orientation, because a majority of our work has been performed on behalf of foreign insurance organizations and other clients with legal questions arising under the laws of jurisdictions across the country. Today, the firm is engaged in a diverse national and international litigation and insurance law practice.

At McCullough, Campbell & Lane LLP, we understand that the law is a means of achieving our clients’ business objectives, not an end in itself. We strive to assist our clients in reaching their goals by sharing with them the expertise and legal resources that we have accumulated during our years of experience. We are dedicated to providing legal services of the highest quality, while remaining innovative, responsive and cost-effective.

We understand that legal advisers in a dynamic industry serve their clients best by developing ways to address and manage legal obstacles, not by applying a legal veto to potentially valuable new products and relationships. Just as innovation is the key to success in the insurance industry today, at MC&L we believe it our job to help our clients find new ways to achieve success in today’s competitive insurance environment.